In truth, it is not knowledge, but learning, not possessing, but production, not being there, but travelling there, which provides the greatest pleasure. When I have completely understood something, then I turn away and move on into the dark; indeed, so curious is the insatiable man, that when he has completed one house, rather than living in it peacefully, he starts to build another.

Letter from C. F. Gauss to W. Bolyai on Sept. 2, 1808

from Numerical Mathematics, Springer-Verlag


(Sin[#] + Log[#])& /@ {a,b}
{Log[a] + Sin[a], Log[b] + Sin[b]}
(不太清楚怎么输代码= =)
反正挺神奇的。正在同步学习Core Language以及目前要用的东西比如ODE解法之类的,不过时间有限进度比较慢就是了= =