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Barthes, and the pleasure of text

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A Zen story: An old monk busies himself in the hottest weather drying mushrooms. “Why don’t you let others do that?” “Another man is not myself, and I am not another. Another cannot experience my action. I must create my experience of drying mushrooms.”

阅读《恋人絮语》是一个充满乐趣的过程。用乐趣这个词来形容不够准确,更近似于 ecstasy ,或者是 Nabokov 所说的脊柱所传达的震颤。这种乐趣来自于文本。就我的阅读经验而言,巴特对语言的使用是独一无二的:语言在这里不是叙事、描述、分析或抒情的工具,它拥有着自身的韵律。词语和符号的 nuance 被细致入微地研究,以一种绝妙的形式编织在一起。文本变得透明,因此得以承载那些近乎不可言说的感受。看见自己经历过却无法用语言表达的感受以一种清晰而诗意的方式表达出来,可以引发奇妙的共鸣。

Like a bad concert hall, affective space contains dead spots where the sound fails to circulate. —The perfect interlocutor, the friend, is he not the one who constructs around you the greatest possible resonance? Cannot friendship be defined as a space with total sonority?

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A Lover’s Discourse: notes

Mass culture is a machine for showing desire: here is what must interest you, it says, as if it guessed that men are incapable of finding what to desire by themselves.

This cannot go on

Once the exaltation has lapsed, I am reduced to the simplest philosophy: that of endurance (the natural dimensions of real fatigues).

A japanese poem:

Such is life
Falling over seven times
And getting up eight.

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