I am unable to utter my pains
And there is no one to hear.
I wake up from myself into a dream,
In the meeting hall of my dreams
A place where no one comes and goes
Where the weather is cold and grey
The winds transparent
No blackbirds circling in the mountains
Nor black crows whispering in spruces
The only moving thing
Is my painless soul in its white gown.
I hallucinates in my diurnal dream
Conjuring up a floral of images
That swim like fishes pursued by a shark.
I’m happy and sane, and has
No need to dream such dreams
Love myself as I am
Love you as you are
Love things as they are
I may fear death
Since I’m in love
But not the whims of fate
Nor the inflictions of time
Shall lay its bony hands
On the inflection of my destruction

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