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A Lover’s Discourse: notes

Mass culture is a machine for showing desire: here is what must interest you, it says, as if it guessed that men are incapable of finding what to desire by themselves.

This cannot go on

Once the exaltation has lapsed, I am reduced to the simplest philosophy: that of endurance (the natural dimensions of real fatigues).

A japanese poem:

Such is life
Falling over seven times
And getting up eight.

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  • 外觀
    13-inch RBMP late 2013體量上與我的之前的15-inch MBP late 2009相比小了很多。重量方面官網給出的數據前者是1.5公斤,而後者2.5公斤,在使用中能明顯感覺到這種差別。對於“半殘”的我來說也十分便攜。厚度上的變化非常明顯,可能是因為取消了光驅以及網線接口。總而言之在便攜性上非常優秀!

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