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Like a bad concert hall, affective space contains dead spots where the sound fails to circulate. —The perfect interlocutor, the friend, is he not the one who constructs around you the greatest possible resonance? Cannot friendship be defined as a space with total sonority?

mutisme, A lover’s discourse, Roland Barthes

A Lover’s Discourse: notes

Mass culture is a machine for showing desire: here is what must interest you, it says, as if it guessed that men are incapable of finding what to desire by themselves.

This cannot go on

Once the exaltation has lapsed, I am reduced to the simplest philosophy: that of endurance (the natural dimensions of real fatigues).

A japanese poem:

Such is life
Falling over seven times
And getting up eight.

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  • 外觀
    13-inch RBMP late 2013體量上與我的之前的15-inch MBP late 2009相比小了很多。重量方面官網給出的數據前者是1.5公斤,而後者2.5公斤,在使用中能明顯感覺到這種差別。對於“半殘”的我來說也十分便攜。厚度上的變化非常明顯,可能是因為取消了光驅以及網線接口。總而言之在便攜性上非常優秀!

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Rinko Kawauchi

Rinko Kawauchi



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今天偶然间看到的,表示很喜欢这种完全不搭调的题目!千和居然还唱过= =





How many layers do you have

I am unable to utter my pains
And there is no one to hear.
I wake up from myself into a dream,
In the meeting hall of my dreams
A place where no one comes and goes
Where the weather is cold and grey
The winds transparent
No blackbirds circling in the mountains
Nor black crows whispering in spruces
The only moving thing
Is my painless soul in its white gown.
I hallucinates in my diurnal dream
Conjuring up a floral of images
That swim like fishes pursued by a shark.
I’m happy and sane, and has
No need to dream such dreams
Love myself as I am
Love you as you are
Love things as they are
I may fear death
Since I’m in love
But not the whims of fate
Nor the inflictions of time
Shall lay its bony hands
On the inflection of my destruction

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《孔雀》 阿波利奈尔


Many Happy Returns, by W.H.Auden


Johnny, since to-day is
February the twelfth when
neighbors and relations
think of you and wish,
though a staunch Aquarian,
graciously accept the
verbal celebrations
of a doubtful fish.

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Wolfgang Tillmans

The big misunderstanding of the 1990s was people thinking that in photography it’s all about “anything goes,” people snapping snapshots. As if taking lots of pictures is interesting as an activity itself. The notion that you can take pictures of anything has been around for a long time and is, in terms of art, not very interesting.

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