Mass culture is a machine for showing desire: here is what must interest you, it says, as if it guessed that men are incapable of finding what to desire by themselves.

This cannot go on

Once the exaltation has lapsed, I am reduced to the simplest philosophy: that of endurance (the natural dimensions of real fatigues).

A japanese poem:

Such is life
Falling over seven times
And getting up eight.

Ideas of Solution

it is not because he is dead that Werther has stopped being in love, quite the contrary.

I love you

The figure refers not to the declaration of love, to the avowal, but to the repeated utterance of the love cry.

Lacan: I-love-you is not a sentence: it does not transmit a meaning, but fastens onto a limit situation: “the one where the subject is suspended in a specular relation to the other.” It is a holophrase.

li: satori means awakening, a good word = =

Love’s Languor

Desire is everywhere, but in the amorous state it becomes something very special:languor.

The Love Letter
What does “thinking of you” mean? It means: forgetting “you” (without forgetting, life itself is not possible) and frequently waking out of that forgetfulness. Many things, by association, bring you back into my discourse. “Thinking of you” means preciesly this metonymy. For, in itself, such thinking is blank: I do not think you; I simply make you recur(this rhythm) which I call “thought”: I have nothing to tell you, save that it is to you that I tell this nothing:

Why do I turn once again to writing?
Beloved, you must not ask such a question,
For the truth is, I have nothing to tell you,
All the same, your dear hands will hold this note.

(By Goethe)